Version 2.0

An excerpt from Electric Bathtub Psalms, this poem is available for remix and sharing freely. The printed work is copyright protected, and available for sale, but snip it, clip it, paint with it as you please; just send me an email and credit me when appropriate (that’s just courtesy and satisfies my curiosity!).

Version 2.0
Last night a nation grew inside me
I can see and I can breed
In flesh
In the ether
Ideas create
The generation
Better than I could ever be
Springs are flowing again
In proportion to the smoky din
Signals are flashing in every color
A rainbow of storms saying best
To listen now or batten down
Rubies drip to the earth
The berth of bleeding flowers
It’s coming says the sky
The littered roads of birds
Are screaming of desire
The fish are learning of thirst
And I am not the first
So I am not the last
I am slogging in the mean
Stuck in the muck
Like an Alaskan duck

There is nothing heavier than the weight of a cloud
Nothing sharper than the eye of the proud
Love is more than the sun of my hips
The beating whisper of butterfly tips
Sing the echo of Solomon’s lips
Snakes circle up the foundation
Hated members of blessed creation
A twisted hiding of emancipation
Bleats skip the surface of a spiraling notion
that they are the rumble of a beautiful ocean.


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