The Fool + April 1st Events

Well, lately I’ve been contemplating the role of the Fool, the archetype for each of us when we begin anew. So, it seems appropriate that I’ll be participating in both an exhibit and a reading in Bushwick, Brooklyn, this Sunday, April Fool’s Day, since I often feel like I’m starting new projects and phases of life, and since for all of us, the everyday the world challenges us to be creative, strong and willing to listen so that we can transform and grow.

I’m still prepping things, building with rocks and fabric a little viewing booth for the video I’ll screen inside the Schoolhouse. Last year I began collecting metal objects from the streets, sometimes writing about the experience in an ongoing meditation known as Street Signals, so this will be a chance to show off how these objects create a mental map, not only of locations, but of personal myth. You can do what I do, it’s very easy. Just keep your eyes open and pick up the odd shiny things that appeal to you, jot down where and when you found them. From there a map arrives. That map reveals your location, your disposition, your relationships and your surroundings. It also makes a person feel lucky.

A street signal illustrates how a little penny goes from forgettable to sacred, and how we too, can go from feeling like nobody to realizing we are in fact somebody. We interact with the world, we feel the world, we are the world. It doesn’t matter how others see us or how we compare to others. We are sacred. We are powerful myth builders.

To hear me read this weekend, come to The Bodega Wine Bar, show starts at seven, I go on somewhere in the 9 PM hour. Beforehand come to the SchoolHouse Gallery and see what Lucky Gallery and guest curator, Ventiko have put together, lots of artists all showing and talking about their work. It’s more of a happening than a traditional art show, so come along and walk with me, after my talk. We’ll head to the Bodega together!

OWS Update + The Fool

Here’s a recording I just did with producer David Powers. Will the beats I mention in thisĀ  recording come from somewhere? ListenĀ  now and see the video that will accompany it later. This poem, kind of rough and tumble, was written on March 17th, at Liberty Park. I’m pleased to share it and hope that it brings some of the experience of Occupy Wall Street to those who don’t know what’s going on. Meditating in that space, with all that energy, has been a huge learning and sharing experience for me.

With love to all you everyday artists. ~Mariette


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